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NEW (Submitted by MJ's Magic Fan)

About Kosovo
"it's totally ignorant it's wrong to hurt people to hurt innonect children over some political issue i think it's genocide it's wrong...ethnic's ignorant..ethnic cleansing... that's ignorant.. that's stupid.."
~ Mirror Interview 99

About HISlove 4 children
"i'm very touched by it...if it wasn't for children... if it wasn't for children...I would throw in the towel, i would kill myself...i wouldn't care unless..they give me my inspiration..they inspire everything i do, every song i write, the dance, everything that i do... and they try to use it against me, it's so unfair..I'm very upset about it, you know?"
~ Mirror interview 99

I dunno how to call dis :P
"I'm just a person who wanna be honest and do good and make people happy and give them the greatest sense of escapzim though the talent that god has given me you know? that's where my heart is all i want to do, that's all..i just want to say look..'leave me alone and let me do what i want to do' just share and give and put a smile on people's face and make their heart feel happy"
~ Mirror interview 99


The Crow Commandments
"Thou shalt honour all crows...
Thou shalt stop readin' all pieces of paper and literature...
Thou shalt never, ever, get off'a this here pole..."
~ The Wiz - 1978

On The Fans
"I like all our fans, even the ones who keep calling me 'cute'. But I'm getting bigger every day so they'll have to call me something else."
~ January 1972

Love Is:
"playing football in the park"
~ Right On! magazine - 1972

Legend Grammy Award - Acceptance speech
"I hope this finally puts to rest another rumour that has been in the press for too many years. Me and Janet really are two different people."
~ Grammy Awards - 1993

On crotch grabs
" if I'm doing a movement and I go bam (grabs crotch) and I grab myself it's... It's the music that compels me to do it, it's not saying that I'm dying to grab down there and it's not in a great place you don't think about it, it just happens..."
~ Michael talks to Oprah - 1993

On His son, Prince
"I have to stand infront of him, and dance"
"Yes. And he stops crying. His tears turn to laughter and he's happy... He smiles."

~ 20/20 Interview - 1997

On the 'Police Raid' in 1993
"They found nothing... nothing, nothing that could say 'Michael Jackson did this'... (I want to ask..) To this day, nothing. Still nothing. (Let me ask you...) nothing, nothing, nothing!! (Nothing. We got nothing)"
~ Prime Time Live - 1995

On Frankie LiDeo hurting Katie
"Do it an' yo' dead!"
~ Moonwalker - 1989

On Dusk
"It's dusk, the moon's coming out... the most beautiful part of the day... I can see some of the stars coming out... it's very beautiful. Everything comes to life... the fireflies are in the trees and... everything's becoming magic..."
~ Waterfall interview (unauthorised) - Early 80's

Singing during the 'waterfall' interview
"... soaring up the sky... watch me now.. watch me now... I'm Peter Pan... I can do anything..."
~ Waterfall interview (unauthorised) - Early 80's

Response to LaToya complaining about the cold
It's cold michael!
"No it's not, it's magic! It's wonderful! How can you say it's cold? It's MAGIC!"
~ Waterfall interview (unauthorised) - Early 80's

On being a workaholic
What do you do when you're off the stage?
"I dream about the stage" (Laughs)
~ Dianne Collins Interview - Late 80's

Mayor to Maestro
"You're strange. I dont like you... You're scaring these kids, living up here all alone..."
~ Ghosts - 1997

Singing to Lisa Marie Presley
"I would like to sing with you...
Would you like to sing.. with meee?"

~ Prime Time Live Interview - 1995

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